Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tyson's First Disneyland Day!

June 8, 2009..

Was Tyson's first day at Disneyland. We LOVE Disneyland. We first got annual passes when Kierstin was not quite 2. We've had them, I figure, about 9 years of her almost 15 years, at least. We stopped when they hit $130 verses the $99 they used to be. But, we got them this year.

We didn't take Ty with us on Brian's birthday. Part of me felt guilty at the time but I was so glad we didn't. He wouldn't have had as much fun and neither would Brian. So I took them back, even on a school night, because the rest of the summer was going to be blacked out (who wants to go then anyway?)

Danny didn't get to go cuz he was working (so we could go, thanks hun!!)

First ride, the tram of course. He was SOO excited.

We took 3 of the Campgell kids with us.

The older kids didn't want to go on the "baby ride" but Brian decided to share
in Tyson's special day. (what a bro!)
First stop, something familiar, the horses .

Opposite end of the spectrum, creepy Pinnochio!
(I don't know why they don't redo that ride)

Casey Jr. was so interesting it didn't warrant mom taking a pic!

Eager anticipation for what's next. Tyson really did stop to "smell the flowers" here.
I love how Disneyland pays attention to detail!

Can't miss small world, He loved every bit!

Eagerly anticpating what's next in Jungle Cruise

Pooh Bear, by far the favorite. Went on it 4 times in a row!
Bryce & Ethan caught us for the last 2 rides.

Bryce climbed Tarzan Treehouse with us while we waited up for our final ride...

I think we can safely say, Tyson had so much fun till he couldn't take it anymore!

Darlene & Doug take the Eternal Plunge!

So I posted a few back, how my sister-in-law and her husband, Doug, decided to be baptized. Well, they did it!! Doug even postponed his first round of chemo so he could go. They weren't going to stop him he said!

Bradley actually missed the last day of school so he could drive 11 hours, with Danny to Pie Town, New Mexico to be there for the big event. I was glad the 2 of them could spend some time together, especially at such a spiritual even as Bradley will be receiving the Priesthood next month.

When they got there, Darlene surprised Danny by asking her to baptize and confirm her! They said it was a wonderful event. They have a small brach there, 30 people. They do have a chapel, a very small chapel. Bradley was so amazed. The cultural hall wasn't much bigger than our living room with the font. They went to church with them the next day. There were like 30 people there. Still, I think it was neat to see that even in a small town of 500 people, you can find the church with people, kind and gracious and caring as anywhere else and being taught the same thing. Bradley and Danny were practically glowing when they came home!
We are all praying for Doug and Darlene that they will be able to make it to the next step, the temple!
Unfortuantely, Danny forgot to take any pics at the baptism but here are some of the scenery on the way there. An experience to remember! (hope you posted it in your own journal, Brad)

Moving Up!

June is always such a crazy month for us. If I can get all the posts in, you'll see why
(and it's not even over yet!!)

The kids officially got out of school 2 weeks ago, on June 12.
Kierstin made it through her frosh year
Brad, the first year (6th) of middle school
Bryce is onto being an offical "upper grader" in elementary (4th, year next)
and Brain... has made it with flying colors through kidnergarten...

we were so glad dad could make it too!

I have to give a special kudos to Brian for surviving his kidnergarten year, really.
This is Mrs. Krahn. She was really nice and we enjoyed her for the last 3 weeks of school.
Not only that, she was his 3rd teacher for the year. Yes, #3!!
When we moved here at the beginning of the school year, we came in 2 days after the school year had officially started. He started with a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Romano. He LOVED her. In mid-October she told me that she heard they would be switching students around. They had over 20 kids in each class which is a no-no if you want state funding. She said how much she loved Brian and told the Principal that she didn't mind have 21 if she could just keep him. she asked I put up a fight for it, us being new and all.
My heart sunk. I've been in the PTA trenches and know how it works. No one wants to get switched. The last on the totem poll, the last to enroll, are shuffled around. How else do you choose? So when the dreaded phone call came, I was ready. I wasn't prepared for the switch from morning to afternoon time which did not go over well for Brian. I think he had had it with change, too much moving around literally. I did make a plea, but, predictably, I got the "your the lowest on the totem poll" speal.
So on to Mrs. Barrett's class we went (Have to find a pic of her). She was great but brand new and young and not as fun as experienced Mrs. Romano. Brian learned to love her. The upside, there were only 12 kids in his class from October on!
I got a phone call 3 days later telling me 3rd grade was at its capacity too. They hired a new teacher for that one and of course, Bryce was low on the totem pole. He liked Mrs. Castillo; his friend was in his class. He didn't mesh so well with stern Mr. Ennis who truly piled out homework. That on top of bullying made Bryce look forward to the idea we would be in a new school boundary.
Then, we moved into our new home here in Copper Canyon. We are in a new school boundary. The boys actually said they wanted to switch over right away but I didn't think they realized what that meant. They didn't really ever mesh at Tovashall (especially Bryce) but I didn't think it would be healthy to switch them the last 6 weeks of school. I talked them into staying.
Bad mistake. I kept hearing my new neighbors tell me "have you enrolled in school yet? No? You'd better get right over there! They're filled up!"
What did that mean? For this year, right? How can that apply to the next year. If you live in the boundary they have to take you... right? Turns out, no! So different in H.B. Enrollment is down, schools not full. Here, the school really is at its physical capacity. I was 11th on the waiting list. Doesn't look good. However... if I enrolled and they started tomorrow, before the end of the year their priority jumps up over all the waiting list kids and almost gauranteed enrollment... You're KIDDING!
Why is there a waiting list you're thinking? Well, who's crazy enough to uproot their poor child the last 3 weeks of school and put him in a new one?
Fortuantely, this is what the boys wanted all along. They weren't phased. They were phased when I told them there was a slight possibility we might not get into Cole Canyon next year. They didn't want to go back to Tovashall.
So, 3 teachers for 1 year for them both! Bryce ended up really liking his new teacher, Mr. Reagan.
Kudos to my resilient Bryce & Brian!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Freshman Year DOWN!

And mom is freaking out!!

I can't believe my daughter has finished her freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL and will be a SOPHOMORE in 2 short months. YIKES!

Logically, you know this day will come. Experienced mothers will look at you with your little ones pitching a fit in the grocery store line and wisely say "treasure the moments, they go by fast." You paste on a "thanks for the tip" grin and go on your way but it's oh so true.

It's hard to remember when you're in the thick of it all to slow down and treasure the moments, truly. Do you have those days where you look at your kids and it's like they've grown right before your eyes? You realize, "good grief, she looks so much older!" I have those days where it seems like I've been away and are just seeing them for the first time again and realize how much they've grown! It's shocking. I have to do a reality check and wonder if I'm teaching her all she needs to know cuz it's getting too late.

I have to say, sending my "little girl" off to high school this year was harder than sending her off to kidnergarten, truly! Taking her for her placement tests, this time last year, I drove away shedding many tears! I remember how fast my high school years passed and I realize it's going to go all the faster being on the mother side of things. I only have 3 more years left with her under my roof (if she gets her way and goes to BYU!)

Mostly, I REMEMBER high school all too clearly. It's like throwing her into the gladiator arena in a way. Did I go over the lessons on how to prepare her self? Did I prepare her with her armor of God to withstand life's cruelest of blows? I got out O.K., but just. I have some scarring to prove it. Can I help her come out as clean as she came in....?

Kierstin, I have to say, you are as prepared as you can be. In fact, I know you will come out much more unscathed than me. You are obedient and true and hardworking and most importantly, on on the course; acadmeically (straight As) and most importantly spiritually!

That medal around her neck.... is for completing her first year of seminary and memorizing all 25 scripture mastery scriptures! YOU GO GIRL!! Dad and I love you and are so proud of you and the path you're on. Just STAY ON IT and you'll be fine!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A few weeks ago, my friend Heather invited us to tag-along for their playgroup tour of
DeJong Dairy in Lake Elsinore. It was so interesting!! They are the last dairy in Southern CA that actually does all of the dairy processing on the farm. From milking the cows to selling it out of their store. They are not a big dairy, just 500 cows, but they do it all there!

They started us off showing us how they start to teach the baby cows how to eat hay.
Tyson had to have a demonstration that his fingers wouldn't be eaten before he took a turn; even though our tour guide assured them that cows can't really bite you because they have no bottom teeth. (mom is fine with a little caution!)

We were then shown into the bay where they milk the cows. They bring them to this point where the throw down some food and then slide the bars to lock their heads in while they are being milked.

This is a healthy mixture of what they eat. Different grains and COTTON? Who knew that cows eat cotton?

The milk is funneled into the next room where it goes into the containers...

and the lids are stuck on.

We got samples of the chocolate milk (just milked yesterday) and cookies!!
Yes, it was so yummy we bought some to take home. It really is so
fresh and creamy tasting!

There were other animals to look at besides the cows...
I must say this peacock held our attention for quite some time even if the female
peacock he was chasing around didn't give him the time of day!

We fed the goats..... Brian was fascinated by the gineau pig....
I think he told me how cute it was 10 times to
see if he could take it home. Sorry, no such luck!

It was so interesting. We had areally fun time! Thanks Heather!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brian Turns 6!!

Inspite of my beggings and pleadings to please stay 5, my normally obeident Brian decided he was going to turn 6. When he asked me why I wanted him to stay 5 I told him he was just the cutest little 5 year old ever!! When he informed me that he would just be the cutest 6 year old and every old forever, well I consented. BUT ONLY because it meant so much to him and I love him so much!!
So, on Tuesday June 2, 2009, Brian woke up as a 6 year old!! I am a big believer in birthdays being the most special of days. So we celebrate right when we wake up until the very end!
We start by having the birthday person's favorite breakfast. Brian requested puff pancakes...
You get one warmer upper candle to help warm up for the big finale birthday wish! It also symbolizes that all important 1st moment of life!!
It was a school day but he got to open up a present we got in the mail that morning from Grandpa Robin, Grandma Carol, Aunt Karalee & Uncle Derrick & Uncle Michael.
This Pic shows just how thoughtful and considerate brother Brian is,
that his younger brother, Tyson is opening one of his presents!!
How did they know you LOVE nerf guns and needed more bullets?
(thanks guys!! Great start to the day!)
Like I mentioned, there was school on Brian's birthday. But it wasn't too bad considering it was a water day and they even got to wear their bathing suits to school!
I picked them up a little early from school and we all headed to Disneyland!
This year, you can get into Disneyland for free on your birthday. In our case, we applied that money for a annual pass. Kierstin and Bradley already had theirs. Everyone got in
except dad who was busy working so we could do such great things like go to Disneyland.
He also stayed home with Tyson so we could enjoy the rides Ty wouldn't be able to go on.
(thanks dad!! He's getting his pass on his bday in 2 weeks)
We got to Disneyland with no traffic. Not only that, we didn't wait in the long lines for tickets. Walked right up to guest services and got it right away!
We got there in time to do the Buzz Lightyear ride with Brian's good buddy, Jeffrey Ritter. They came just to see Brian for his b-day. Unfortuantely, do to a lack of communication on my part, they had to leave right after the ride. They thought we'd be there earlier and I didn't understand they had to leave at 5:00. But it was fun to see him, however brief.
You then drove me crazy (literally) in autopia!!
You then jumped right in full gear, to the Matterhorn ride.. and loved it!
From the extreme of the Matterhorn, to the relative unextreme of Snow White.
Did you know there is a hidden Mickey on every ride in Disneyland?
Bryce and Brian managed to find the one on Snow White all by themselves.
It's in some jewels in the mine.
We took a walk through Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
If you've never walked through, you should. It tells the story of Sleeping Beauty
and it's more than pics. They had renovated it since last time we were there.
It was really cool.
Brian just didn't like the idea of someone stealing his girl! (you can't see Prince Philip due to the flash)
Actually, this is how Brian felt about me calling her his girlfriend.
We then strolled over to the jungle cruise.
The last time we went to Dland, Brian was 3. He doesn't remember really anything. Everything was new and fun. We told him to listen close to the boat driver cuz that was part of the fun of the Jungle Cruise.
Boy, did he listen! He ducked when he was told to duck! So funny Brian. He thought the elephant was going to nail us with a stream of water for sure!
We got a good workout climbing to the top of Tarzan's tree house. What a view!
It sure is high up there!
We spooked ourselves at the Haunted Mansion but I failed to get a pic, darn it!
We had fun and don't need the proof.
Seeing the drop on Splash Mt. didn't deter you...
You hopped right on board...
and acutally avoided getting splashed,
but Kierstin and Bradley didn't (avoid the splash that is!)
We ran over to use our fast passes for Indiana Jones
and made it out to tell about it.We snapped this pic in front of the castle at night. Unfortunately, it didn't
light up in the pic like it was. Too bad, it was beautiful!!
We made it out of the park and waited in line, the longest, 30 minutes for splash Mountain.
Not bad for a summer day!!
It really was a perfect Disneyland birthday!
We got home kinda late, considering it was a school night. Everyone was pooped and went straight to bed.
But no birthday is complete without the birthday cake and wish!
So we continued the celebration to the next evening with cake and ice cream!

May all your wishes come true!!

And I must say...
You really ARE the cutest 6 year old ever!
(and I know you will be cute 4ever too, no matter how many years older you get!)

A few fun 6 year old facts about Brain...

He is the best big brother (as evidenced) and little brother for that matter!
Although he used up most of his crying for the 1st 2 years of his life,
he is really easy going for the most part.
He is always trying to be helpful
He is very obedient and aware of rules.
He has the cutest dimples!
He is thoughtful and considerate.
He has a great vocabulary.