Friday, March 6, 2009

Crazy Hair Day!

Bryce and Brian had crazy hair day at school this last week. Here's Bryce.. I think his is more cute than crazy but this is as crazy as he wanted to go...

Brian wanted a wave....
I think the end result made him look like he belonged in the pages of Whoville.. What do you think?

Way to Go Bryce!!

Danny and I have been serving in the Cub Scout program since before we had any boys, for the last 14 years. Danny has been varsity coach for 3 years, scout master for 4 years and Cubmaster for the last 6 (he got called to be assist. cub master in our new ward).

We LOVE the scouting program. It has something in it for everyone. It teaches you life skills, how to be a good citizen and member of your community and most importantly teaches boys to have a sense of duty to God. I have heard many a general authority talk about how it truly is a God inspired program. Danny and I feel privileged to be a part of it, especially now we have 4 boys going through the program.

Bradley earned his Arrow of light last summer and is now on his way to becoming 1st class as a boy scout.

A couple of Tuesdays ago, at the Blue and Gold Dinner, Bryce received his Wolf Badge, 1 gold arrow point and 2 silver. He really enjoys Cub Scouts and was so excited. We're excited for you Bryce and will enjoy watching you move along your trail to arrow of light and eventually eagle!

Keep up the good work our little Wolf man!
If there's one thing Danny and I want to stress to our kids at this moment is how important it is to do well in school.
We tell them it's important because...
#1: Heavenly Father sent us on this earth to learn, that's what life IS all about
#2: You CAN take what you learn with you (and we'll use it to some degree).
#3: If you do well in your education now it can give you more options as to how you
can earn a living when you're older.
#4: It teaches you good work habits for when you really have a job and need
to support yourself.

Danny and I feel so blessed that the kids really, of their own accord, strive to do well in school. They may not like it but they try their best.

Kierstin has attained a 4.0 GPA her whole 1st year of high school and that's taking ADVANCED english, math and science. She was one of only 58 freshman (out of like 1000) to have maintaned a 4.0 this whole year thus far. She works really hard and won't even miss school in fear of lowering her grade. She has her eye set on attending BYU.
(Unfortunately, I don't have a pic)
Bradley just had an award assembly and was honored for maintaining a higher than 3.0 GPA for the whole year.

Bryce and Brian have recently achieved awards at school as well.

Our family loves to play games. Let me introduce you to our latest game craze....
Bryce got this game for Christmas from mom. He LOVES to play games. He especially loves games with patterns. I was searching for just the right one this Christmas, this is it!! We even got the Campbells hooked enough that they bought it too! Truly, fun for the whole family!

Object of the game... each player gets a series of 21 pieces of various different shapes (grouped no more than 5). You have to fit all your pieces on the board!

Bryce trying to fit on the last couple of pieces... harder than it sounds.
We Baaks love our games!

President's Day Fun!

For President's Day I decided to take the kids hiking at the Santa Rosa Plateau, 15 minutes from our home. We recruited the Campbells to come along with us. I'm so lame I didn't get a picture of super trooper mom and super cutie Mathew coming along but they were all there! This is the trail we took.

I miss the beach but there are certainly fun perks living here as well.

The kids got bored of waiting for us slow poke moms in the back...

actually, this is our little slowpoke, he did NOT want any help; and actually, he was pretty quick for not quite 2, his little legs just aren't as long.
(thanks Cynthia and Mathew for keeping us company in the back)

Trailblazers Connor & Bradley pave the way...

Can you believe we're only 15 minutes from home! Amazing!
Expression on Bradley's face says it all.... a very fun day!