Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teach them while they're young...

By child #5, you know that you need to start young with good habits. Like when your 2 year old decides it will be funny to throw Kicks cereal all over the living room. You don't roll your eyes or scold and then pick it up yourself. OH NO!! I learned that a two year old is totally capable of choosing to help mommy pick up the cereal or sit in thinking time while mom does it so he knows it's unacceptable.

So I tell Tyson to help mommy pick up the mess and explain to him that it is a definate "no-no!" He looks at me for a minute, and marches off. I turn around to go march him over to help; lo and behold....

He discovered a more efficient way to clean up!! He had even turned on the vacuum and proceeded to suck up all the rest of the cereal; even the cereal that got stuck in the couch cushions.

We always hope are kids will be better and smarter than we are. Tyson's got it in the bag at 2!

Good times with forever friends

They are the best of times, they are the worst of times....

I think these words ring true for the high school years; at least for my high school years. I was the typical know it all teenager, which ,of course, was when I was in the worse of times.

Of course, that was the time of the "me bubble", the term I've coined for that lovely time of life when the world is all about me, myself and moi. I've told my pre-teens, Kierstin and now Bradley, that when you turn that lovely age of 11ish that Satan wraps you in this "Me Bubble." Where the world is about "me" and how life is so unfair to "me" and why does everything happen to "me", etc. Your job is to burst out of it as soon as you can. That when you start looking outside the bubble and thinking more about others, etc., you will find you are happier and smarter for it. Of course, some are better at it than others.

I also found the dear prophet's counsel to be oh so true... Surround yourself with people with the same values and morals as you'd like to have and that's who you'll become and follow after... SURPRISE!! Oh so true.

All those awful moments I'd like to erase from my life's history happened when I was NOT hanging out with my Corona Stake buddies. When I was with them, life was good and fun. Those are the images I will conjure in my mind on a dull day to bring me something to smile about.

There were about 30 of us (give or take, depending on the weekend, etc) that would hang out on the weekends. There were dances, parties at Erin and Ross's house, tag in the orange grove, , ice blocking, firesides etc. Good, honest fun! I'm so grateful for this group of friends and for all the good times that I love to reminisce about. When a song from the radio will pop me back to all those dances ("I'd Stop the World" - Modern english, "Rock-Lobster" - B-52s, Oingo Boingo, New Order). I'll crank up the radio full tilt, roll down the windows and belt it out and my kids will sink down in their seats and wonder how they got stuck with a crazy mother.

Anyway, my dear friend Erin Staffanson (McGibbon now) just recently added to her family tree. An adoreable boy named Calan. Erin has lived in Utah for the past 12(?)years and I rarely get to see her. So when she said she'd be in the area a few of us met up Heather Fornter (Cecila), Melissa Taylor (Snow) and myself. (I've been so happy to reconnect with Heather since I've moved to Murrieta and it's a 10 minute drive to her house in Elsinore)! We ate and talked and looked at our kids and wondered where they came from. Weren't we 16 yesterday? My mind says yes, but my body says "NO!"

In any case, it was a wonderful afternoon. So fun to slip back into friendships like we've never seperated. LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL LADIES!!! Hope to get Shannon & Rebecca out with us next time and whoever else is close enough to us!!! Hope my kids find good friends like these to pass their adolescent years through with.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Monday there was a knock at the door.

I was greeted by this.......... Absolutely stunning!

No, you didn't miss my birthday, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion...

All because he loves me!

Out of this world Date night

All those who know Danny know what a huge Trekkie he is. So needless to say he was more than excited for this new movie to come out. I actually thought it looked fun too. That's saying a lot since...
#1: I've been SUPER selective about what movie I'll see. I don't want to waste my time or money when we can just see it on video ..
#2: Let's face it; many of the Star Trek movies seriously should have just been a T.V. episode at best.

But I thought this one looked good enough to go see judging by the preview... and I'm a pretty good judge of previews.

However, Bradley was super excited to go have a date night with dad so they went and saw the sneak peak on Thursday, May 7 at 7:00 (they actually didn't even have to wait till midnight.)

The report was glowing! Danny couldn't wait to see it again.

So see it again he did, with me.

It was so fun to go out with him AND the movie exceeded my expectations. The cast they chose was so great, so like the original characters, especially Spock. I thought they came up with a real clever story line how to set up a whole new set of movies or a TV series without upsetting the die hard Trekkie fans who loved the originals.
Fun night with my honey!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's HOT, but we're not!

Summer is already here in Murrieta. It has been for about the past month. Many days have hit over 80 aleady. At first, you had to really brave the pool. Now, it's at the almost refreshing stage. The kids are really making good use of the reason we bought this house. Here are some pics of their enjoyment with the Campbells..
Bathing Beauties; Callie & KierstinIn beautiful form....

Sorry ladies, this one gets a 6.5, guess you'll have to work on it this summer!!
Pool Studs, Bradley & Connor

The fish... Ethan & Bryce

The guppies; Brian & Hannah

Looking forward to way more swimming fun!!

My New Gym!

When we moved, I was sad to discover that my gym, 24 hour fitness, is not conveniently located! It is hard to find time to drive the 15 minutes to get there. I know that sounds crazy but really, it takes 15 min to get there but by the time I get out of the car and get started it's like 20 minutes. that's 40 min. in travel - set-up time, wasted. It's a big deal in my schedule. I don't feel I have time to waste right now.

Fortunately, I have found a FAB gym with a great workout in my own backyard, literally! Best part, it's family friendly. The kids and I (minus Brad but plus Bryce's friend Hunter Patton) did a workout during spring break.

First, you do the the "stair master workout" by climbing this reasonably steep hill."
Some nice treadmill action, run or walk it. Best part, it's pet friendly too!
Nice anarobic workout too if you choose!
Seriously, this is all 10 minutes away from my house. You don't even know you're anywhere close to civilization. Bryce, especially, loves to hike and explore and is constantly taking me for a hike. So great and therapeutic! These are supposed to be holes the Indians ground into these rocks when grinding corn and flour.

Tyson loves coming along too. He reminds me I need to slow down to stop and smell the flowers every now and then!
Complete with a little creek. What more could we ask for if not the beach?We're enjoying it!

Come visit us! We'll take you to see for yourselves!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tribute to the ga-ga begone experts... Mary & Patty!

Danny, Kierstin and I got to participate in a pioneer trek 2 weeks ago during the end of spring break (post to come). While we were gone, we entrusted the care of our precious boys to Aunt Mary & Aunt Patty. I think we were more worried about the toll it would take on them rather than how the boys would do. The boys adore them in every sense of the word. I always tell them they have their own fan club.

Of course we came home and everybody was healthy and happy and sad to see Mary and Patty leave.

Little did Mary know that when she left she took something with her she didn't know was along for the ride.

Mary had told me that Tyson had only had 1 ga-ga (bottle) during the whole time we were gone and that was because he caught her with it. That was for 2 days! Not only that but the little stinker didn't pitch a fit in the middle of the night like he has been 3 times a night for the last year of his life. Danny just looked at me and said "I told you it wasn't his reflux!"

In any case, I'm a seasoned 5 kid mom; I know the golden opportunity when I see it. No need for ga-ga when mom is gone, don't need it when she's here. Ga-ga begone!!

So when Tyson asked for it after Mary left that night, I patiently explained to him that Aunt Mary took his ga-gas to the babies because he is a big boy now! He looked at me with this look:

on his face and said "oh" as I handed him his "fun froggy" cup. So every time he has asked for it, I explain to him that Mary took them.

He still asks for it once a day, even today. But he doesn't get upset or pitch a fit. He just says "oh" and accepts his froggy or airplane cup cuz "he's a big boy, not a baby!"

Brian asked me today if Mary really had taken the "ga-gas."....

Confession; no, Mary did not take his ga-gas to the babies she works with because I didn't think of it in time.

Rationalization: But, Mary did tell him he is a big boy and she has ga-gas she gives to babies at her work.

In any event, he is ga-ga free!! Not a tear shed. I think he really understands the baby thing cuz he has had a chance to be around Matthew Campbell and seen him drinking a ga-ga. We had talked about how babies need ga-gas but he was a big boy! I'm glad we had done that prelude.

Sleeping through the night, well, I can always dream about it. But we are on a good track. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel!

Mary & Patty, YOU ROCK!!

Your Fan club!