Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday Cub Scouts!!

The scouting program has been a part of my whole entire life. When I was little, my dad was always involved in the scouting program in some way. He put his heart and soul into it as he does with every calling he is given.

I remember wishing I was a boy so I could spend more time with my dad. He started out in the program before he had sons in the program. By the time my brothers got into the program, he was definately an expert. My brothers had their eagles before they knew what was happening; and they mean that literally. He was always saying what a wonderful program it is.

It somehow rubbed off on me. Since no one else had a clue about Cub Scouts, I volunteered to be over it when I was called as first counsellor in the Primary Presidency almost 13 years ago. I knew I had a wonderful resourse to refer to, good old dad.

Dad was a wonderful resourse and a great encouragement and testimony to how valuable the scouting program can be in a young man's life. Little did I know how much it would impact my life as I would have 4 boys of my own.

Almost 13 years later I have been a den leader or committee chairperson straight; with only 1 break, a year and a half ago when we moved to Murrieta. The ward we were renting in called me to Young Women's which I loved for the 6 months we were there. I should have known it was the wrong ward. We ended up buying a house in a different ward and was called right away to be the Bear leader.

I have to bear testimony to the wonderful program that scouting is. I have been to regional LDS scouting meetings where general authorities have said that "the scouting program is inspired of God." I bear testimony that it is true. What a wonderful program that teaches boys to be good citizens, family members, friends, to have good life skills and most importantly, that God is at the center of it all!!! It really goes hand in hand with preparing young boys to get ready for the priesthood.

I think it is sad that it is one of the hardest callings to fill. I think that people don't get the proper training and don't catch the whole vision. I am also discouraged that the world is discounting it's value. Take a good look at the program and you'll see what I'm talking about.

This year is the 100th birthday of the Cub Scouting Program. For Blue & Gold dinner we had a cake decorating contest. The boys had to come up with the design. This is Bryce's cake....

These are pics from our trip to the Police Station. This is always one of my favorite tours. I'll never forget the first group of boys I took to the jail in H.B. It was a larger facility than the one in Murrieta designed for a longer stay. I took the boys through and after viewing the "sobering room" and seeing how the shower areas and bathroom lacked privacy (there were windows for the gaurds to check on them) the officer doing the tour asked the boys if they'd like to go into the jail cell, complete with bars and everything. I thought they'd all jump at the chance; they all were quiet and said not really. I had to go in the cell myself and practically pull them in to get a pic. I was amazed. They all come away saying they NEVER want to go to jail! Best kind of field trip, lesson learned!

Bryce's group (which Brian got to tag along) was a little more light hearted about it. They don't really have a jail there, it's just a holding facility until they can trasnfer to the county jail.

They loved the officers showing off the motorbikes. The officers were great displaying all their "gear." They clocked one of the boys with their radar (he could run 7 miles per hour) and showed off their guns and shot guns and sirens (can you tell from the pic?). They did not get a tazer demonstration although they were shocked to learn that officers in training actually have to be tazered and sprayed with pepper spray in the face as part of their trainings. One boy asked "why on earth would you let them do that to you?!" The officers were ever so patient answering all questions.

Yes, 8-10 year old boys are rambunctious, energetic with a half minute attention span, but this program puts them on the right track to learning how to have a successful life. It's been so fun to actually share this program with my boys, first Bradley and now Bryce. I look forward to sharing Brian & Tyson's experiences with them as well! I'm grateful for this wonderful tool Heavenly Father has given to help young men prepare for life.

Happy 100th Brithday Scouts!!