Sunday, April 20, 2008

Launch of Balk Talk

A couple of things have led me to create this blog for my family.

Friends and family have sent invites to view their blogs, "why not start your own?" they ask.
Sounds like scrap booking on computers to me. Who has time for that?

Then, my inspired friend, Kristin, shares with me her reason to start a blog, to keep her family history. Something clicks in my brain. Yes, this is a way for me to keep my family history and ease all the guilt that has been floating around from my dad, the stolid family historian, forever encouraging me to do my family history. I brush it off with, "why, when you're already doing it and mom's family has their own societies already. I don't have time; I'll do it when I'm your age." I've also slacked off on keeping my own journal as the prophets have counselled us to do.

So, I'm freeing myself of the guilt of these things. While I may not be helping my ancient family yet, I can prepare for my posterity of the future and "keep my book of remembrance and write my history." as the primary song says. Now, bye, bye, guilt, hello blog!

So, if you'd like to share in what's going on in our little piece of life, we'd love it! We've definitely loved sharing in yours.

(Thanks Kristin!)