Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flip Flop from flip flops?!!!

Everyone who knows me knows this about me......
Like it says......... I LOVE flip flops!
You can hardly find me wearing anything else, especially living in sunny southern CA.
Rain or shine, flip flops are fine.
This is my closet....
It has to be REALLY cold or we have to be doing a pretty knarly hike for me to even consider covering my feet. I can't stand shoes! I would wear flip flops to the gym if I could, seriously.
I'm not so sure my husband is so fond of this fettish. What would give me that idea? Here is Friday's phone conversation...
"Hi dear. How's work?"
"It was good. I'm on my way home." (he commutes now)
"When will you be home?"
"About 45 minutes... Hey, I was listening to this radio show and they were talking about how it's probably not a good idea to wear flip flops all the time."
"Really, why is that?"
"Apparently they pick up all sorts of bacteria. You can bring them into your home and make you really sick!"
"Really?" (sardonically)
"Yeah. You should probably make sure you get new ones pretty often. "(that actually was some advice to consider).
"Huh. Well, I heard that theory before too. However, the time I heard it I heard the opposing side call in and say the same goes for any type of shoe. All shoes pick up bacteria. They suggested everyone should leave their shoes at the door. So I guess really, we shouldn't be wearing shoes in the house."
"Yeah, well." Conversation over.
"See you soon dear."
you should know, Danny wears his shoes ALL the time and does not like going into homes where you have to take them off at the door.
You should also know that Danny has baby soft feet! They are really to envy.
Mine are rough and tough kind of feet, like a construction workers hands but worse. I try really hard to make sure that my heels are not always dirty and cracked and super dry but it really is a tough battle. Needless to say, they are very calloused and not fun to rub up next to in bed.
Maybe I should take this as a hint? I guess I may be losing the battle.
No, I'm sorry, can NEVER get rid of my flip flops. But I guess I should consider a rougher pumice stone!
Sorry dear!!
** DISCLAIMER... This is not EXACLTY how the conversation went down but the main gist of it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bradley Turns 12!!

I have tried to scan pics of Brad as a baby in this post but our new scanner is UNCOPERATIVE!!!
So, I will post later when I have time to figure it out!!
(the frustration rather than joy of new electronics!!)

When Bradley was first born I would look at the deacons passing the sacrament, I would
look at Bradley and think "that will be you someday too soon!"
Too true, TOO SOON!!
I don't know how time flies by but it does. My darling, dimpled baby boy is growing

into a handsome, dimpled young man.

He's smart, cute (not just cuz I'm his mom), courteous, outgoing, a social bug

AND he's as tall as me..... at 12!!
Somehow I thought this day would take a bit longer.

Mostly I look at him and see the wonderful young man that he is and the even
more wonderful man he will become.

Bradley had his Priesthood interview a week before his birthday.
He passed, with one thing to take care of....

This is Bradley before

This is Bradley after...

Can you tell what's different?
(thank you Bishop!)

Of course I will always love Bradley, no matter the hairstyle.
You'll have to ask him why on earth it took him this long to tame
that mane of curly hairtastrophe!!

So Obedient (in the end)

Such a great example to your 3 younger brothers!

Bradley's actual birthday was on Sunday so he was able to receive the Priesthood on his actual birthday. I know the important thing is that you receive it at all, but it does make it more memorable.
They do the Priesthood ordination in the home with a member or two of the Bishopric presiding along with the family.
Of course all if us, your immediate family, were there and Ann, Mary & Patty Shepard.
My parents and Michael came all the way from Utah for the ordination.
Actually, my dad has been so excited he has seriously been talking about how he was planning to come for it for almost a year.... NO EXAGERATION!

For any of you that know my dad, you know what a very jolly guy he is. Jolly is the perfect word because it expresses the fact that he's not just inwardly happy but outwardly happy as well. He is always so possitive and up. But when he is excited about something, he really shows it. Needless to say, it is super fun to share exciting news with my dad cuz he will literally, jump up and down and scream (literally) for joy with you.

In any case, it rubbed off on Bradley. He felt it and it made it seem all the more special!!
Dad even gave him a family history book about how each of the Davis line joined the gospel.
Super special!

Only bummer, I forgot to take a pic of my mom. She has always been so supportive and let me know from an early age how important the Priesthood is and that it does not in any way demean women that they don't receive it. Women play a different and just as important roll.
I knew that it was important and wanted it in my life always. After all, she'd say. Men don't bless themselves with it, they can only bless others.

And of course I found a man who honors and respects his Priesthood. He has been a good example for Bradley to see. I know that he loves his dad and wants to emulate him in every way and that is one reason he has decided to live worthy to hold it himself.
Brother Fronk, who was presiding, asked that dad and I bear our testimonies of the Priesthood. Dad asked Grandpa Robin to bear his too. Then, dad ordained you to the Aaronic Preisthood, office of deacon. Then your new scout leader, Brother Morris and your new Quorum President, Ben Cole, bore their testimonies. It was a very lovely ordination.

And worthy you are Brad!! We love you so much and are so grateful you are on the right path.

Happy Birthday and every day!!