Thursday, August 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter, is my favorite holiday....

for obvious reasons. It is a reminder that we have reason to have hope and joy in this life that can sometimes feel so full of pain and sorrow. It reminds me that all the pain and sorrow that can seem so overbearing is not without reason. More importantly, we do not have to bear that pain and grief alone because someone bore it for us a long time ago.

My mom had this picture hung on the refrigerator door when I was growing up. She always pointed out how the door did not have a knob on the Savior's side. She would remind us that because of the precious gift of free agency that Heavenly Father has given us, it is our responsibility to open the door and let the Savior into our lives...

We just have to remember to turn to him, open the door, let him in and let go of the grief and pain he already suffered for us. He is always there, patiently waiting. I was and am fascinated with this picture. When I am going through some trial in my life, my mother's words resound through me and into my heart and will remind me to drop to my knees and open the door from within.

You may wonder why I have a pic of this place setting here with my Easter post. It is a precious gift that my grandma Mary Kay gave me. It is china that has been in her family, my family, for over 100 years! It was her grandmother's, who passed it on to her mother and then herself. I remember getting to eat off it at special occasions. I would look at it and think of all of the generations of my family who sat around at similar special occasions and enjoy each others company. What stories that china could tell if it could talk!

Those who know my dad know he is a HUGE family history buff. Although it has not rubbed off on me to start doing the physical research, I do love the spirit of it all. I love to hear the stories of sacrifice and just living of my ancestors! I am grateful for my early ancestors who fought and died in the revolutionary and civil wars. Who trekked across the plains and most importantly, found the gospel of Jesus Christ and righteously taught and nutured their children so I could enjoy the blessings in my life today.

This china symbolizes that to me, a long chain of my family heritage. I never imagined it would be mine since I have 2 aunts. Fortunately for me they were not as interested in it. When my grandfather passed away and my grandma had to move she offered me this china. I was so honored!!! What a precious gift. It seems especially fitting to use it at Easter time knowing that because of the great gift from my Savior, I will get to meet my ancestors some day and be able to personally thank them!!!

On a more personal family note, here are some pics from our Easter celebration....

Grandma is in the dark... Why didn't I take a pic of her in front of the china? I AM going to do that the next get together!!

It's hard to pin down Kierstin and Bradley for some traditions now, but here are some of

Bryce with his Easter cache!

Brian "scored a bullseye" with his

Tyson was the first to discover all the fun!

And of course, egg decorating the night before

We are so happy to have Mary, Ann and Patty join us for so many special occasions! We sure love you!!


Jeronimo said...

That's where the china went. I kept looking for something in the post that would say why you are posting about Easter in August.

Jeronimo said...

and Happy Anniversary!!

Grammy Staffy said...

What lovely thought and what nice pictures. Getting 100 year old china from your grandma is amazing. What a treasure.
I am at Erin's enjoying the new baby. I've posted more pictures of her if you want to drop by my blog and see them.
Hugs, Lura